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      Technical Competence

      Our R&D team is not only vigorous and highly innovative, but also insightful, rigorous, and modernized, providing professional and personalized service to our customers. As a team that is market-oriented and with high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection as the ideal, our company strictly checks all the procedures in air conditioner manufacturing, from product design to quality control, catering to the requirements of our customers. The core technology in R&D includes air conditioning heating and refrigeration system, electrical control system, product structure, air supply system, air purification system, etc. Until now, we have established a mature CAN communication air conditioning control system, PLC air conditioning control system, RS485 train communication control system, overhead air conditioning unit, inner air conditioning unit, independent air conditioning unit, double-deck bus air conditioning unit, railway air conditioning unit, single cooling air conditioning unit, and cooling & heating air conditioning unit.