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      Human Resources
    Talent Philosophy: Man proposes, and also disposes. Everybody could fully display his talents!

      What our company offers for our employees are not merely jobs, but more importantly, a stage to display their strengths, intelligence, and creativity.
      We consider the construction of our talent pool as the core of our development. We have built an effective modern enterprise system, a scientific personnel training system, a mechanism that integrates personnel training, selection, assessment, and incentive constraint, constituting the core competitiveness of our company.
      We proactively propose employee training program, and provide training with a focus on operation teams, tech professionals, and technicians.
      Talents are the foundation of achieving the company’s strategic development goals, and the driving force of the sustainable development of our company. Our company is recruiting talents with our scientific personnel training methodology and vast development potential, so as to let each member of our team fully display his talent. Our company upholds the enterprise values of “Creativity, Beyond; Integrity, Responsibility, Cooperation; Work happily, and live healthily”. We attach great importance to the working ethics of integrity, honesty, and accountability, advocating communication, cooperation, dedication, and mutual assistance among our employees. Our company also looks for a simple and harmonious interpersonal relationship, resisting any form of “company politics”, making the relationships simple and healthy and the working environment more joyful. We greatly concern the life of our employees and encourage them to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, our company supports the employees to carry out various activities to relax themselves, work hard, and live a happy life.

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    Job Title Recruiting Numbers Released DateDue DateDetail
    Technology & Quality Dept. Manager12015/7/62015/12/6Detail
    Production Dept. Supervisor12015/7/62015/12/6Detail
    Personnel & Administration Dept.Manager12015/7/62015/12/6Detail
    Production Dept. Manager12015/7/62015/12/6Detail
    Supply Dept. Manager12015/7/62015/12/6Detail
    Assembly Worker in Production Dept.202015/7/62015/12/6Detail
    Purchasing Assistant22015/7/62015/12/6Detail
    Cost Accountant12015/7/62015/12/6Detail
    Chief Accountant12015/7/62015/12/6Detail
    QC Supervisor22015/7/62015/12/6Detail
    Customer Manager52015/7/62015/12/6Detail
    Area Sales Manager52015/7/62015/12/6Detail