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    Coach/ City Bus Air Conditioners

      Non independent air conditioning units and independent air conditioning units adopt cores of CCA tube heat exchanger with different caliberφ9.52、φ7.9、φ7.0 , MCHX, and components of international brands, ensuring effective matches between cores of evaporators and condensers, as well as the service life of A/C system. Properly taking advantage of internal space, we have managed to make the air conditioners smaller and lighter, facilitating installation and maintenance while reducing fuel consumption and emission. The unique electric control system has formed its own characteristics, making the running of A/C system more effective, which guarantees the comfort of drivers and passengers.

      A/C system based on CAN bus. CAN bus (Controller Area Network) is the most widely applied Area Networks worldwide. Any node in CAN net could be used as the master node to exchange data with other nodes; I-frames in CAN nodes could be prioritized which brings convenience to the control of real-time requirements; the unique design of CAN at physical layer and data-link layer provides greatly enhances performance in anti-interference and error detection. A/C system based on CAN bus not only enjoys simple connection and sound occupant experience, the air conditioning control software could also perform fault diagnosis and self-protection. Most importantly, it enhances fuel economy in air conditioning. Compared with the similar operating condition in original system, the current A/C control system could save 10% to 15% of fuel consumption, reducing the operating cost of coaches and vehicle exhaust emission and bringing sound social and economic benefit.