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    Electric Coach Air Conditioners

      Electric coach A/C system adopts cooling & heating integrated roof top mounted air conditioners on EV with electric scroll compressors. This A/C system controls DC-AC inverter power supplies through man-machine interface and PLC control module, realizing stepless variable frequency start of electric scroll compressors, fundamental frequency refrigeration, frequency reducing and maintaining, etc. The R407C environmental refrigerant and the stepless control of high speed variable frequency compressors contribute to the cooling speed of CBU, A/C system refrigeration efficiency, and energy conservation; the totally enclosed scroll compressor, by adopting all-welded connecting line, makes the whole system an all-closed and leak-free one, thus solving the problem of refrigerant leakage and shaft tunnel oil leakage while facilitating the installation; with the application of the heat pump cycle principle, control module adjustment is achieved through installing reversing valves, realizing the integration of cooling and heating in vehicle air-conditioner by switching cooling and heating functions.